The trick of presenting your coupon

One has to understand that presenting the coupon in a certain order would save more money. For e.g. one can present a in-store discount of $10 first which will reduce the bill amount by $10 and then present the 20% discount on the total bill amount, this will save you more. Some stores do this by themselves while a few needs you to do the trick yourself. So be prepared.



Once you have mastered the basic couponing techniques and started to save a considerable amount of cash using those shopping coupons, discount codes and other promotional offers, the next step you have to take is to learn how to save more and how to increase your saving percentage from mere 10-20% to 70-80%.
Only practicing extreme couponing skills can do this and now lets look into how to practice this skill effectively and efficiently.

  • Be quick in Completing your Shopping:
  • Even before you start to go out for shopping, either online or offline, plan what you are going to purchase and prepare a list of items you require. This way you can avoid spending lot of time just gazing over products and ending up buying more than what is required. So enter take things that you have listed, pay and exit. Simple.

  • Know the Pricing Point:
  • There is an average price that can be afforded to a particular product. You will have to know the various pricing points of the product. It is important to know the average price, the maximum price, the deal price and lowest price of a product. The average price is the normal price of the product without any offer, the maximum price is the maximum price that you can afford for that particular product (ensure you avoid purchasing products at this price unless it is an emergency), deal price is the price after the discount and the lowest price is the rock bottom price of the product which it can be purchased for (this is the price you can consider to buy products and stockpile).

  • Make use of the Overage advantage:
  • Overage is nothing but when the coupon you hold has a value more than that of the product you purchase. In such cases the stores do not give you a refund but you can carry over the excess discount on other products. This helps you save more.

    1. Get as many coupons as you can:
    2. Do not restrict yourself with just one coupon. Collect as many coupons from Sunday magazines, If needed get 2 or 3 copies of the weekly magazines so that you can get a number of shopping coupons to shop with and save more like most of the extreme couponers do.

    3. Organizing plays the trick:
    4. Organizing the coupons in the right manner helps you to use them as and when required and at the right time when it is going to be more profitable. Sort the coupons according to products or by expiration dates as you prefer and use them more efficiently and save more. Discover more about discount coupons at

    5. Know couponing terms and policies:
    6. Some of the stores offer many more than just offers for the coupons, they offer doubling, price match, rain cheques and even accept coupons of competitors. These types of offers will help you save more than you except. But before claiming these offers, you will have to know what are these and how do they work.
      Price Matching is an offer that the store provides by matching the price of the item in their store with the item on sale in another store.
      Competitor coupons are those coupons that are offered by the straight competitors of the store you shop.
      Rain cheques are issued in case if the items on sale go out of stock.

    7. Go on a number of short shopping sprees:
    8. The chances of you saving more is higher when you actually high when you spilt your shopping into smaller ones and shop only items that are put on sale at different time periods. This way you can buy only discounted items and hence the amount you save also will increase. So don’t always think that you should shop once for all.